The Parametric Guitar Vocoder

audiospektri-logo The PGV offers functionality never before seen in a guitar vocoder

Transform your vocal timbre and characteristics to create unique voices.


310,00 €

The optimal solution for live performances! Available in custom colours and box designs!


280,00 €

Eurorack compatible! Hook it up and explore the possibilities by combining it with different modules!


359,00 €

The most versatile high end model for the demanding artist.

Modular Synths | Legacy Products

Create your own spectrum with the HG modular synth line

Eurorack compatible harmonic generators let you come up with your own sound from the ground up.

Modular Synth

949,00 €

The full experience with 30 harmonic sliders.

Modular Synth

739,00 €

The compact alternative in shining gold.

Modular Synth

719,00 €

The compact alternative in stylish black.