Not just an effects module. The PGV offers a variety of controls and effects to expand what your guitar can do for your vocals. Now available in Eurorack form!

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What is the PGV?

The difference between the Parametric Guitar Vocoder and a traditional vocoder is that instead of merely modulating the guitar signal based on the vocal spectrum, The PGV instead does an analysis of the guitar signal, and measures the pitch and amplitude of all the individual strings.

Based on that data, the PGV does independent synthesis for all the six string signals, based solely on the vocal spectrum, and allowing controlled modification of the analyzed parameters.

The PGV uses cutting edge analysis algorithms to analyse the guitar signal by measuring the pitch and amplitude of each string, then uses them as the parameters for synthesising corresponding notes that each have the spectrum of the vocal input of the microphone.

The parameters can be modified for enabling complex synthesis of different special effects such as spectrum shift, voltage controlled filtering and vibrato.


The PGV is available in three versions, the big studio version, a Eurorack version, and the stompbox version. The latter two are functionally similar, with different enclosures. This Eurorack version allows for easy expansion with other modules.


Introduction And Tutorial (PGV Modular Version)

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Beach Boys - Wouldn't it Be Nice cover (PGV Modular Version)

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Noise and vibrato tutorial (PGV Studio Version)

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Modulation Tutorial (PGV Studio Version)

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Muse - Panic Station cover (PGV Studio Version)

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"Stayin Alive" Demonstration (PGV Studio Version)

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The string pitch analysis has some limitations, because all the six string signals come stacked together in a standard guitar pickup signal. See the manual for a more detailed explanation.

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We’ve found that a humbucker in the neck position has yielded the best results in our own testing.

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280,00 €

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