Modular Synth

HG-16 Black

Voltage controlled harmonic generator with 16 harmonic control sliders which can all be externally modulated with several effects through the virtual switchboard.

719,00 €

What is the HG?

The HG, or Harmonic Generator is a modular synth that allows the user to craft their own sound spectrum with the 16 onboard sliders each representing a harmonic frequency. It also features a programmable switchboard for selective control of each of the harmonics.

Featuring a total of 14 different modes of operation, mostly using additive synthesis, but some modes also apply filtering operations for subtractive synthesis. Additionally, four different variations of the classical channel vocoder are included.

The HG-16 Black is Eurorack compatible and requires external power from the rack, note determining external voltage, and preferably several external envelope generators.


For a comprehensive list of all of the HG operating modes and features, see the manual below.


Introduction Video

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Audio Samples

HG-16 Vocoder Demo

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HG-30 Modes 0-2 Demo

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HG-30 Modes 3-5 Demo

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HG-30 Modes 10-12 Demo

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HG-30 Mode 14 Demo

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HG-30 Vocoder Demo

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The HG line of synthesisers was the precursor to our PGV line of products.

Only the HG-16 remains in stock with no immediate plans to manufacture more.


HG-16 Black

719,00 €*

*Only the HG-16 base model remains in stock. There are no immediate plans to manufacture more units in the HG line of products.