Versatile vocoder functionality

Now controllable with your own guitar

Control your vocal pitch, timbre and effects using your own guitar. It’s polyphonic and now available in three different models.

The Parametric Guitar Vocoder

audiospektri-logo The PGV offers functionality never before seen in a guitar vocoder

Transform your vocal timbre and characteristics to create unique voices.


310,00 €

The optimal solution for live performances! Available in custom colours and box designs!


280,00 €

Eurorack compatible! Hook it up and explore the possibilities by combining it with different modules!


359,00 €

The most versatile high end model for the demanding artist.

Guitar Analyser

Make your guitar a part of your modular rig

Plug and play! The Guitar Analyser module converts the incoming guitar’s six string signals into synthetic ones and gives you the option of 6 CV note and 6 audio/amplitude outputs. The rest is up to you and your Eurorack rig!

Product Series

339,00 €

The module can be used as an input interface to bring the guitar signal into a Eurorack system or as a stand alone guitar synthesizer generating signals that are impossible to create using typical filtering based modules.

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