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Guitar Analyser

Plug and play! The Guitar Analyser module converts the incoming guitar’s six string signals into synthetic ones and gives you the option of 6 CV note and 6 audio/amplitude outputs. The rest is up to you and your Eurorack rig!

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Guitar Analyser?

The Guitar Analyser Eurorack module does a full analysis of the signal of a typical six string guitar. It measures the individual pitch frequency and amplitude of each of the strings. The results of the analysis are output from the 3.5mm jacks of the module, 6 CV note and 6 audio or amplitude outputs. Additionally, the module has several effects that can be activated to the synthetic signals using the analysis results. The module can be used as an input interface to bring the guitar signal to a Eurorack system, or as a stand alone guitar synthesizer generating signals that are impossible to create using typical filtering based modules. It is 95.5mm wide, thus occypying 19 HP units.

The Guitar Analyser uses cutting edge analysis algorithms to analyse the guitar signal by measuring the pitch and amplitude of each string, then uses them as the parameters for synthesising corresponding oscillator signals.

The module offers several output options and three different effects (FM, Vibrato and Distortion) controllable via a separate expression pedal, making it a versatile part of a guitar playing Eurorack enthusiast’s rig.


3 different output allocation methods for outputting the signals in a desired order: picking order, pitch ascending and skip zeros.

Stack different effects on top of each other with the Effect Hold switch.

SAMPLES of The Guitar Analyser and our other products using similar pitch detection

Guitar Analyser Introduction Video

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Guitar Analyser Anthem Demo

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Guitar Analyser Canon Demo

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The string pitch analysis has some limitations, because all the six string signals come stacked together in a standard guitar pickup signal. See the manual for a more detailed explanation.

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We’ve found that an average guitar with a humbucking pickup in the neck position has yielded the best results in our own testing. Simply dial in the best possible Threshold setting for your guitar and playing intensity.

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Guitar Analyser


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